Repost: Why Is Gas So Fucking Expensive ?!? The Answer May Surprise You.

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Petey posted:

If you drive a car, carpool, or even occasionally go outside for a nice walk, you may have noticed that gas prices are through the roof right now. While oil is not quite as expensive as it was before the Great Financial Crisis (GFC), it is getting close:

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birthday vegan sushi

march 8th, our resident black mage’s birthday! after a bit of indecisiveness, it was decided… there would be sushi. and a whole goddamn lot of it. boasting a filling of tempeh, carrots and cucumber, clad in brown rice and nori, dipped in tamari and dressed up with some wasabi and pickled ginger, and accompanied by a light side salad with cashew dressing, the meal was decidedly a success.

national pancake day

in honor of national pancake day… we made our favorite pancake recipe, which can be found here:
thanks, moby. i don’t know who you are, but you sure make some fucking good pancakes. (however, i took the liberty of adding some vanilla extract, cinnamon, using exclusively buckwheat flour, and exchanging the blueberries for blackberries. hope he doesn’t mind.) then we smothered them with raw creamed honey, paired them with some figs on the side, a hot cup of coffee, and national pancake day was off to a great start.

EDIT: also it ended on a really freaking awesome note because WE HAD PANCAKES AGAIN. aww yeah.