white mage

hi. i like old decrepit stuff, nostalgia, analog photography / recording, rainy days spent all cozy by the window, big open fields, crickets, sunflowers, oak trees, autumn, lanterns, late afternoons, dusty sunlight, floral prints, owls, the middle of nowhere, old wallpaper, abandoned structures, rickety wood fences, the old west, buttons, fireflies, dusk, typewriters, thinking, cardigans, cowboy boots, all the little, overlooked, simple things, aesthetics, feathers, dusty attics, musty basements, wood flooring, barefootedness, rugs, eccentricities, strangeness, art, sage, lying on the floor, reading, lace, mushrooms, deserts, diy, baking, cooking, you backlit by the setting sun, collecting acorns, bison, observation, contemplation, mulling, idealism, and mason jars… especially the blue ones.