The definition of being Vegan

Lately I’ve been asked what being vegan actually encompasses.  Of course its obvious traits include a plant based diet (whole foods optional) and also taking on a non animal product stance if desired (planning on doing over time, so poor). That includes clothing, make-up, whatever.

But thats its official meaning.

Every word, I believe, holds its own precious meanings to the person expressing it. Its associations in experience, usage and interpretation.

Vegan. Its a word that holds alot of weight nowadays.  It resembles something so extreme. so powerful. Religious you could say. But to me its more of a promise. Yes it is a lifestyle in every aspect in basic terms, but its deeper effect that ties into everything we do gives it momentum.  From our daily meals to the sustainability of the environment to the very fabric of a our moral and existential consciousness that weaves us together as a whole. Being a vegan is more than just being healthy, its more than just being morally right, its more than being human.  Its a response to the injustice in the world that have been perpetuated generations long.

A promise.

Its a promise to the children of tomorrow that they might have the chance to live a better healthier life full of the diversity of nature.

To live guilt free of the burdens of man made extinction, environmental exhaustion, human corruption, animal abuse, and lethargic living.

To have a world full of beauty that lasts and lasts.  I think that is the epitome of being a vegan. A standard that holds no nationality or origin but blankets humanity as a whole. A promise not to live better, but to give better lives for those to come.

Yes the picture above has no relevance to anything.

-red mage


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