tahquitz canyon

clouds roll in wistfully on the morning of our planned hike; we greet the weather with appreciation… and coats. brr.

we cook up some quick and easy pita sandwiches.

  • 2 whole wheat pita
  • 4 (or more) mushrooms
  • 6 (or more) thinly sliced strips of tempeh
  • a few thin slices of diced tomato (optional)
  • paprika
  • mixed herbs
  • bragg liquid aminos
  • red leaf or romaine lettuce
  • red pepper hummus

wash and slice the mushrooms, slice tempeh, (and tomato, if you wish,) and place in a pan over medium heat. add a dash of paprika over top, and whatever herbs you like, and cook until everything softens. spray generously with bragg liquid aminos (to taste).

in a separate pan, (or in the same, if it’s large enough,) heat your pitas up until they are warm. wash lettuce thoroughly, pat dry, set aside. open pitas, spread with about 1 or 2 tsp of hummus per pita half. stuff with the cooked mushroom/tempeh, and then some big leafy pieces of lettuce. (the more, the better!!)

they fall apart a bit, nature of the whole wheat pitas, i suppose. but they sure are delicious, and good warm and cold.


so with food on hand, and cameras gathered and loaded up, we head out. tahquitz canyon is located right in palm springs, so it’s not a far drive at all… however, still quite difficult to locate. eventually, we find it.

the clouds and burned off, and the weather is comfortably warm, so we shed our coats and equip ourselves with cameras. a brief stop at the visitor center, and bathrooms, and we’re on the trail.

we look down upon the valley from which we just ascended.

the river is full from snow run-off, we flank it as we continue along the trail.

we cross it multiple times, walking upon both its banks.

we sit by the water to eat our lunch.

the mountains tower above us, as if erected to humble the clouds with their caress.

the sun peaks higher yet over the crags.

we found relics of old waterways further down the path.

kevin finds a gnarled piece of driftwood; some sort of magic wand? scroll down to see its cameo.

our meandering trail turns suddenly into stairs.

creepy grottos of trees act as sentries, motioning us in with outspread arms.

the river grows deeper and louder, it roars past us in a hurry to get to an unbeknownst destination.

a rickety metal bridge extends out over the river, warnings aptly posted.

the path curves around a bend, a sheer wall of rock hugs the right side of the path, water seeps from its cracks.

the desert air gives way to moisture-laden breaths, the sun departs somewhere behind the walls of granite; the temperature drops, and the trees are clad modestly with leaves from the year passed above our heads.

the waterfall sits before us, going contentedly about its business.

rocks built up like dams around us, polished smoothly by years of swells.

it’s not long before cameron has her shoes off, trying eagerly to brave the icy waters of snow run-off.

after about 5 minutes of hopping, splashing, and skittering around, the water is not getting any warmer, and cameron, cold yet satisfied satisfied, but having enough of this masochism, decides to get her shoes back on.

kevin walks out upon the rocks over the water, having the common sense to, of course, not stand in it.

we linger, tiredness remedied by the rhythmic repetition of the crashing water.

it grows darker yet, and we must begin to head back.

we chase the hurriedly receding sunlight.

we spend not a moment neglecting to take in the beauty of this place.

the canyon parts outwards towards the valley, however it is unimpressive in retrospect to what we have seen that now lies behind us.

we head back on an opposite trail; new sights are seen, the sun at our backs.

late light paints golden the mountainsides; the water slows, its voice now only a whisper to the evening.

magic stick cameo… looking quite limp in this picture, but truly, its quite impressive. the driftwood.

the canyon lies behind us now, the sun set in its embrace.

we make our way back to the car.

the clouds blow in, and on the way home, it begins to rain.

ultimately, a lovely conclusion to a lovely day.


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