First Person Shooter The Movie

I don’t understand this. Why would an alien race thats traveled nearly god knows how many light years away to commit a ground invasion of a planet of nearly Six BILLION people.  Why not just gas the planet? burn it? flood it? If they’re so smart why not commit to a false peace? they’re looking for resources? why don’t you enslave the populous? barter false deceptive deals? hold the world hostage? they obviously have the technology.

All these questions completely make this movie seem so pulpy.  Something out of Mars Attacks. Ground war? Why not an orbital bombardment if your gonna get messy. why get close when you can soften up your targets from a strategically valid high ground. Hover ships; fucking use them to your advantage.  why use them as high speed bombers? why no preemptive strikes? Why attack from the coasts?Why are alien invasion movies so formulaic? Aliens win, humans lose, humans gain tech, humans win/lose.

Why can’t there be a political movie with alien contact and an eventual build up of low tech arms. A kind earth is japan and the aliens are america deal. a rapidly developing nation trying to catch up to the galactic stage of “space westernization”  then finds itself becoming an upstart struggling to find its place, but in the end makes the wrong decisions and gets slammed into dust. wait that was Babylon 5.

It all seems like an excuse to put the story into the grunts point of the view. The first person shooter point of view. What this movie is trying to do is to cash in on the adrenaline filled fast shoot em up action of video games.  And similarly they’re trying to duplicate the same inane illogical stories from those games.  ONE MAN CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. CONFLICT ON A LARGE SCALE. THE ODDS ARE AGAINST YOU/HERO.  The tiresome locale of the battlefield has soaked movie making and video games for the past decade.  Is that all we can think of? what next to shoot? what next to blow up?

What happened to the originality of science fiction, the analogs between present past and eventual or distant future where one could look and find a piece of themselves or their lives they never looked at, and relate to it in some meaningful way? It seems that its all been traded away for the working parts of half thought half inspired ripoffs of Aliens.  People want to see things pop and burn with a little forced drama thrown in. No longer can science fiction be thought provoking or slow lest it sink in a black hole of lost profit. Humanity can never be at eyes height with the hordes of alien aggressors lest they be humanized themselves.  We will always be the victim. There will always be a threat. Yet the threat is against our very humanity which we push away with these films.

As pop culture delves into itself, cannibalistic and roundabout, science fiction seems to find itself at a recycled and regurgitated end. No new ideas are spread. No new worlds sought. No frontiers explored or spared. only the wasteland of the battlefield remains much to the viewers delight.

-Red Mage


2 thoughts on “First Person Shooter The Movie

  1. I understand your point of view, however – big budget special effects movies bring people into the theaters. Just as Independence Day was “Holy Crap Awesome” back in our childhood (Well, maybe not that awesome. It sure seemed fun to me, however.), movie’s such as this might bring that same sense of glee we once had to children/teenagers/man children as well. I, for one, am looking forward to be merely entertained. Movie’s such as “Moon” will always be the go to for deep sci-fi, but just because a movie isn’t as deep as I’d hope it would be, does not me I can’t simply find it entertaining.

    I’ll leave any sort of pretentious thoughts on what a movie should be at the door, and hopefully this movie will entertain in the exact way it seems that it will.

  2. Theres a certain hubris in entertainment for entertainment’s sake. Its the same train of thought that destroyed the Star Wars franchise. George Lucas once had the notion of making ESB less than what it was all for the reason to “do better,” in theaters. Sure a great whiz bang movie can dazzle and inspire, but after the initial fire, what warmth is left within our souls? our minds? what can we take with us along our journey of life? The wonder and astounding glimpse into the unknown that makes us ask. why?

    The pretentious you speak of aren’t entirely unwarranted. However, when I see the logical fallacies, the uninspired conclusions of a first contact based in mindless action, the implications of found-less perspective-less aliens. It numbs the mind upon a simple asking of. Immersion, questioning, imagining, thinking. All banished in a span of two minutes and thirty one seconds.

    At least independence day and war of the worlds had the logic of Aliens using energy based weapons and air superiority at the get go. Regardless, I believe that people have a certain responsibility to value the thought and weight of a message based media, and it doesn’t even have to be intelligent or accurate. What matters is the communication between film maker and viewer. What this movie communicates, to me at least, is nothing. Nothing but a battlefield of confusion. If we can’t ask more or better from our movies then isn’t it the logical conclusion that we won’t get better movies?

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