simpson park hike

early morning, day off, no plans… what to be done about this? solution? a nice, short hike at a very cool place not at all far from home, one too often overlooked when it comes to planning trips.
we get ready and head out, of course, not forgetting the regulatory stop at starbucks! ah, energy.

we park up near the lookout; the weather is more pleasant today than the days before. it’s just around 10am, and we can leave our jackets in the car. looking promising! things got a bit creepy, briefly, when an old man wandered past us, seeming dazed, and… breathing? wheezing? attempting to whistle? did he see us there? was he aware of where he was? he drew closer yet, but thankfully, it was only to struggle into his car. phew. up the hill we go.

the lake looks extra full after all the rain, and it glows in the early morning sun.

the cactus is backlit by new golden light that flanks the horizon, and the grass glimmers with droplets of water from the melted frost on either side of the trail.

every few steps brings more shutter-snapping; the path leads us onwards.

we stop briefly here to assess which path we want to wander down. pat asserts that this rock is a butt, turned on its side… cameron concludes that it seems much more like some sort of rock monster. it even has a mouth! common ground, however, was not found, so we continue ahead.

the trail starts uphill again, and a snow-capped idyllwild sits pretty past the young orange groves.

we are forced to leave our coffees behind; we set them on a rock and hope for their safety. pat satisfies himself with almonds. crunch crunch crunch. kevin and cameron, with hands now free, preoccupy themselves with snapping pictures profusely.

…it’s a shootout!

kevin used light leaks!

cameron used multiple exposure! (despite kevin’s best efforts, these water tanks prove impervious to climbing.)

light leaks was super effective! the wild cameron fled!

we scrabbled atop a peak of tumbled boulders; the rain left pools in their eroded indentations.

equipped with the power of cowboy boots, pat surveys the land from his perch.

however, scrub brush stretches on as far as the eye can carry, and lunch time calls. (for those of us not chowin’ on almonds.) we conclude it’s time to head back, but not without deciding that another trip to simpson park is in order soon.

ah, coffee. we are reunited at last. the trek back to the car proves not too difficult at all.

a red tail hawk greets us on the way down the hill, but seems to be in quite a hurry. lunch time for you too?

refreshed, energized, and with noon having just barely passed, we head back to enjoy the remainder of our day.


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