day trip to julian

with zach down and the quaint mountain town of julian having been on our to-do list for months, what better a way to spend the day than an adventure? the morning started off early with a quick stop at henry’s and some hot starbucks coffee, and a call to the site of one of julian’s gold mines to reserve a spot on the train. with our reservations in place, and our brains functioning properly after the addition of some caffeine, we stop back home to get our packed lunch together and we head out. we take the scenic route; an hour or so road trip down down the curiously green sage rd (thank you, rain) culminating in a windy drive through rolling hills and expansive plains blanketed, thoroughly, with wintergrass.

before we know it, we have arrived. after a bit of a struggle finding a parking, we begin our stroll around town. mission 1: get coffee, eat food.

on the way to the cafe! we enjoyed delicious baked tempeh, avocado, grilled bell pepper, lettuce and mushroom sandwiches on ezekiel bread. zach had a bagel and cream cheese as well as a hot apple cider and a giant cookie. (which he had to save for later)

we checked out the town hall.

we bought some snazzy new coffee/tea cups.

we walked around, enjoying the afternoon and got ready to head over to the site of the gold mine, and our train ride.

cameron, bonding with the new cups.

so we head out, and we make it to our destination (despite a wrong turn) about 20 minutes early.

we were greeted by “honeydog”.

of course, zach couldn’t resist checking out the boat, however it wasn’t long-lived; there’s the train, just around the corner!

zach tried to skip some stones… kevin tried to skip some stones… cameron tried to skip some stones. ultimately, no one emerged victorious.

cameron looking for the perfect rock to skip.

after a bit of a wait…

the train arrived. we used our cunning and, of course, ended up in the front.

waiting for the train to leave its station, we enjoyed the pleasant weather. little did we know, it wouldn’t last long.

the tour lasted about an hour and a half, and we were taken around a beautiful property on the train.

we stopped to check out the mine, and zach got to ride in the mine cart, and got a candycane. we walked down the hill, and zach panned for gold, and despite his determination to bag more, ended up with only one piece.

luckily, its weight garnered him 2 pieces of candy, so with that, we was satisfied; he also got some hot chocolate. lucky. no coffee to be found in this place; so meanwhile, the rest of us nearly froze to death.

happy to be back on the train, we headed back to the station. despite the cold, it was a beautiful trip, and a perfect day. the sun slipped below the horizon right as we got back into julian. time for one more coffee stop.

and a locally-grown apple for dinner from this little market.

zach finally got to enjoy his cookie, and after we finished chowing on apples, it was time to head home.

and so the adventure concluded.


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