something along the lines of xmas…

yeah… you could say we had a pretty awesome christmas. up bright and early, zach tore through his presents from us and santa.

zach dancing with excitement



adventure time toys made by cameron



jake hat from santa


and we opened our own presents to and from one another before heading to kevin’s sister’s to give our holiday greetings, and then over to cameron’s for a christmas dinner lunch.




former gingerbread man made by zach, latter by kevin and cameron


after thoroughly stuffing ourselves and zach talking profusely about footlongs, and letting everyone know that pat has a manbaby, (apparently, a footlong one,) we head out to walk off all that tofurkey. equipt with a bag of relish tray leftovers, and with the afternoon drawing to a close, we made the nearby donkey’s christmas before heading back home.


donkey wants more almonds


deciding to try out one of zach’s presents, we conclude that it’s dance dance revolution time. hilarity ensues.


cameron… dancing?


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